Don’t fall victim to “Hipster Advertising”!

We have all seen the ads through various media outlets. It seems one cannot get too far without seeing some commercial pushing one product or another from high-end alcohols and clothing to electronic gadgets and sporty cars on the 18 to 30 something demographic. Often these advertisements are set in party environments with numerous beautiful young model types interacting with each other openly, conveying a sense of unity and common ground through like dress, expression and interests. These young adults are sometimes labeled as “Hipsters” among those older and more settled in routine. It is this group and the targeted marketing campaigns aimed at them the we are going to have a look at in todays post.
I feel it would be of interest to first look at the income/spending habits of these individuals many of whom are currently in school or are recent graduates of a college. The average student in school has one credit card holding an average balance between $3,000 and $7,000 coupled with an average income of only $1,200 per month. It is a very stressful time in their lives as they struggle to achieve a healthy balance of school, work and personal relationships. It is this very crucial time in these students lives that the predatory marketing tactics of big business begin to manifest and the this generation gets bombarded with commercials of glamourous lounge/bar settings where young adults are listening to modern music and ponying up to the bar for mixed drinks and good times as they part with what little disposable income they have.
Recent BA graduates hold an average of $7,000 dollars in credit card debt, an average of $27,000 in student loans, and if they are lucky enough to get employment, data indicates a net income of only $2,700 per month. Many of these people who enter the workforce will feel the need to reward themselves after all their hard work and sacrifice through college with new vehicles, apartments filled with expensive furniture, new electronics (needed for their new jobs of course!) most of which is all purchased on credit setting themselves up for at least another decade of stressful living due to over extended finances. Young people should not be starting their lives and relationships in this manner and many end up like this because targeted predatory marketing! Kids don’t buy into it and don’t become victims!