Port Brewing Company’s “WIPEOUT IPA”

 Hello my fellow beer drinkers! Today I would like to tell you about a beer that I tried from a brewery in beautiful San Marcos, California called Port Brewing Company (Check their website out here- http://www.portbrewing.com/)  . I have to admit that the first thing that caught my eye was the catchy name it had “WIPEOUT-IPA”. Growing up in So. Cal. and frequenting the beaches the very cool wave on the label was next thing I noticed and the third was the fact it was an I.P.A. so I was sold on it and had to give it a try.313

  So I pulled my favorite frosty Despair Inc. Demotivator beer glass from the freezer, and set up shop next to my barbeque and put on a little XM-Radio to set the mood as I poured this newly discovered brew from its lightly chilled 22 oz. bottle!The first thing I witnessed was the amazing aroma that kicked out of the bottle the second I popped the cap off almost instantly pine and citrus scents filled my nostrils and for a moment I just wanted to pull right off the bottle but I refrained and began to gently pour the beautiful orange amber, slightly hazy contents into my glass. I try to minimize the head in all my pours and ended with about an inch of head with decent lacing. As I brought my glass up for the first swig again my olfactory glands were bombarded with aromas of pine, citrus and now a little malty. The taste of this IPA is unbelievable! A very citrus, piney front end that that has a heavy hop, malty bite at the finish line! This a damn good beer that holds true along the lines of a classic California IPA.  As I sat back and savoured every ounce of WIPEOUT-IPA, my tunes were jamming, the moon had risen in the east and I just had to conclude that I may have come across a new standard to keep in my fridge!