Let’s have a great New Year!

Well, a new year is upon us my friends! I am very excited to see what the next 365 days holds for many of us. In an effort to jump start my writing this year I have decided to participate in an exercise introduced to me by Sonia Simone over at CopyBlogger and that is the “20 minutes per day for 30 days writing challenge!” Up to this point writing for me has been very grueling and mentally draining and for an aspiring blogger those conditions are absolutely unacceptable! Enthusiastically speaking, I am feeling the need to practice more and more so this whole “content creation” thing will begin at some point to feel more natural to me and not so forced and stilted.
Another by-product that I am hoping to acquire might be some actual usable content I might be able to utilize here on “itsjeffdavidson.com”. Golly Gee! Wouldn’t that be really keen Wally? In all seriousness I have spent the better part of last year doing all kinds of research on blogging and internet marketing and haven’t created much content yet I have so many ideas and things I wish to share with the world so this next year for me will be very exciting as I ratchet up certain areas in my life and ratchet down others. I have been very focused in some areas of life and now I will turn my attention to others with varying degrees of intensity from a pinpoint hyper-focused mind-set for some and a more laid back approach for others. 2014 will yet again be another year of tremendous growth for me as I learn more and put to work all I have learned in the past year!
I am very optimistic that I can and will do good this year, that whatever I can become involved with will have some positive social value that other people may use to improve the quality of their lives big and small.

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