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130310-121827Nawgan…not an energy drink but an “Alertness Beverage”.


Everyday it seems there is a new energy drink entering the market claiming to boost energy, blasting through that afternoon slump and allowing you to accomplish great feats at home, in the gym or at the workplace. While I am a fan of some, most recently a new drink caught my eye at my local drugstore here in town and that is a product called Nawgan.
The name of which is must be a spin off of the slang term “noggin”, for that body part that rests upon our neck and shoulders and sometimes can being in a lot of pain from over indulgence of certain liquids. We can sometimes “bump” this body part aggressively enabling us to momentarily lose consciousness and wake up in a confused state wondering “What the f*** just happened”? Yes, I am talking about the most important part of our bodies and that would be our heads! There comes a time in everybody’s life when we just feel a little cloudy upstairs, when things just don’t seem to be clicking like they used to and it can lead to a variety of outcomes from mental fatigue, loss of creativity, to a general lack of concentration. One may feel perfectly fine in the “energy” department as we fly through our day on autopilot but upstairs sometimes things may be lacking and that is where “Nawgan” alertness beverage comes into play.
I recently tried this product which has the catchphrase of “What to drink when you want to think” with expectations of it being somewhat like an energy drink but it was anything but that. I do use some energy drinks to help me push through a long day but as I sat down to try this drink out I decided to just chill at the computer and get some work done and just kind of relax. I have to honestly say I think the orange flavored Nawgan I had was delicious and as I was sipping it and almost done with the can I realized that I was just clipping along at a really good pace and the creative juices were really beginning to flow! I was really amazed because it turned out to be a real focus booster and I could really tell that this was not an energy drink but just exactly what it claimed to be!
I really do hope that this product can help people with mental clarity issues without the need for that physical boost that most energy drink products out there provide. Nawgan is marketed differently and for a very good reason. I love this new product and I hope they can really jump into the market and grab a big chunk of it!

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